Orange Community Escrow, Inc.

Our policy is very simple. We expect all of our escrow officers and assistants to excel. We train our employees weekly on new changes in the real estate market, and provide them with cutting edge technology to get the job done.  100% Client Satisfaction is our goal standard. We will provide you with exceptional service. If you are an agent, buyer, seller, or anyone involved in the transaction, you will be amazed by our team’s wealth of knowledge, professional and friendly demeanor, and our ability to communicate effectively. 

Sellers and their agents generally choose which neutral third party will act as the escrow closing company. Escrow ensures that all instructions and obligations are fulfilled prior to closing. Sellers and agents repeatedly choose Orange Community Escrow Inc. We have been in business for 12 years. Orange Community Escrow Inc. is licensed by the Sate of California Department of Business Oversight. DBO licensed companies must meet government standards far more stringent that those without a DBO license. As such, our business is held to a higher standard. We are required to balance each transaction to the penny, must meticulously follow escrow instructions to the letter, and are subject to random audits by the Depart of Corporations. 


The Escrow process is an essential part of any real estate transaction. Choosing the right escrow company is crucial. Our team of professionals know that closing a transaction in a timely manner with regular clear communication to all essential parties is the best service we can provide our clients. Whether or clients are buyers, sellers, real estate agents, loan brokers or title officers, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to get your deal closed.